Application & Compound Capabilities

Oil Seal Application Chart

  1. Front Hub / Front Wheel Front Axle
  2. Water Pump
  3. Crankshaft Front / Timing Cover
  4. Camshaft
  5. Valve Stem
  6. Steering
  7. Crankshaft Rear / Engine Main
  8. Gear Box Front / Transmission Front
  9. Selector Shaft
  10. Speedometer
  11. Gear Box Rear / Transmission Rear
  12. Propeller Shaft
  13. Pinion / Differential
  14. Rear Hub Inner/ Rear Wheel Inner Rear Axle Inner
  15. Rear Hub Outer / Rear Wheel Outer Rear Axle Outer

In-House Compound Capabilities

  1. Nitrile compounds (NBR) ( Operating range -40° to +120°C)
  2. Polyacrylic compounds (ACM) ( Operating range -30° to +150°C)
  3. Silicone compounds (VMQ) ( Operating range -55° to +200°C)
  4. Fluoroelastomer compounds (FKM) ( Operating range -20° to +200°C)

Range of Application

Super Seals oil seals find wide application in various sectors of the automobile industry. Increasingly being used as original equipment by leading manufacturers of cars, commercial vehicles and tractors in India. These come in a wide range of standard and non standard designs.

Light Commercial Vehicles
Earth Moving Equipments
Tractor & Farm Equipments
Passenger Vehicles
Heavy Commercial Vehicles

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